Training and development of staff has been an essential and ever-present aspect in the development of our service at AV8. 

Our company has developed in synergy with our internal and external training programmes. In 2010 we fulfilled a contract managing staff development and education at Lufthansa's Mediterranean hub. During the project we educated a team of 22 in aircraft surface finishing processes, safe systems of work and all associated OHSAS 18001 requirements and standards.

Our internal training programme offers opportunities at every competency level for development and improvement in aviation and marine finishing.

We maintain a register of staff that offer training externally for specialist projects. For example, we retain a team with extensive experience in strucutual repair to Airbus A320 wing corrosion and Rib 5 u/c modification, or indeed B737 50k window belt modification and fuselage scribe mark inspections. Our team are available to carry out repairs themselves, or to bring your staff to the required level of competence. 

Our service can save you the cost of retaining a range of specialists, and our experience means you can trust our staff to meet your requirements in the most professional and efficient manner. 

Please contact us to receive a quote for your project or to learn more about opportunities in our internal training programme.